Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Omed Omedan

Men and women kissing in public is considered not fit traditional east. But in Bali kissing each other actually become a tradition to welcome the New Year 1933 Saka well as post-Nyepi celebrations. Ancestral tradition called 'omed-omedan' is intended to strengthen inter-village silaturami rope while rejecting reinforcements.

The tradition is indeed unique heritage, a pair of young men and women kissing each other do not hesitate in public. Who may participate in this tradition that only he was already older than 17 years. Omed-omedan divided into two groups, residents aged 17 to 30 years old and unmarried adult citizens. Not just kissing or hugging, they also presented with a splash of water to add to the atmosphere above the din.

According to village elders Sesetan, Banjar Kala, these traditions do not just invite joy, but also believed to prevent the village from the plague and disaster. It often happens at the end of the show, there are some people who possessed a splash of holy water poured over the village stakeholders